Social Intelligence

Companies are no longer just segmenting social media profile based on tastes and interests for better ad targeting, but also working towards leveraging the data for offline engagements.
  • These include customer care programmes, building communities or generating word-of-mouth.
  • Segmenting the customer base is a pre-requisite for sales. Earlier the sales team of a company would work on the segmentation based on the appearance of customers.
  • Social media tools are used to understand the behaviour of customers across multiple channels through a single window and used to cross-sell and up-sell through offline touchpoints.
  • For example, when a person who has signed with a company calls, the software throws his/her social media profile in front of them so that they can analyse the history of the customer with the brand.
  • Also, companies are now working on adding personality insights on various social media profiles of customers.
  • Safeguarding users’ privacy has become a necessity these days. Hike Messenger has thus launched a Hike ID, which allows users to send messages and chat with friends on the platform without using their mobile numbers.
  • To make it convenient for users a student from the US has developed an app called “Sprouter” which aggregates all social media accounts of a user in one mobile app.
  • Facebook has announced a change in its existing algorithm to give preference to posts from family and friends over posts from news publishers and brands.
Thus, social media platforms are also taking huge efforts in providing customers a seamless experience. It has been very effective not just to connect with people all over the world but also to market and spread awareness about different brands.

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