Maruti decides to pull the plug on diesel engines

Hybrid and electric technologies are revolutionizing the automobile industry. India is set to implement the same by 2030. As a result, companies like Maruti are aggressively trying to tap the…

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Brand story of Marks and Spencer

With changes in lifestyle, as more and more women in urban India are taking to western wear, M&S brings in quality fashion for urban Indian men and women. Don’t ask…

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Brands turns to youtubers for likes, comments and sales

Youtube…when it comes to youtube it is all about try on hauls, comedy, lifestyle and fun collaboration with various brands which we as viewers can’t afford to miss. Viewers eagerly…

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How Kishore Biyani took advantage of IKEA’s first day glow with crafty advertising

Ikea first Indian outlet opened on Thursday with more than 200 eager shoppers queuing to get inside the store. The store in the southern city of Hyderabad is the first…

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Nykaa joins party in men’s grooming

Nykaa has leveraged the power of e-commerce in a sunrise industry like beauty. This has made Nykaa a formidable beauty player in India. Nykaa has launched an e-commerce platform exclusively…

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How Nike & Reebok Branded Their Websites In Accordance With Their Logo Designs

When we picture a brand in our mind, we often picture their logo, be it fast food company like McDonald’s, Technology like Apple, Amazon or even sports brand like Nike…

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Look who’s new to the digital advertising party!

Luxury brands have been particularly unwilling to venture into digital advertising. Now, they are slowly coming around, thanks in part to a push in digital marketing in the hospitality and lifestyle…

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Lacoste Turned Its Trademark Crocodile into 10 Different Endangered Species

The French fashion brand, is partnering with the International Union for Conservation of Nature on a limited-edition line of shirts featuring 10 endangered animals where the crocodile emblem traditionally appears. A few…

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Now brands make own fakes- pocket the cash

In a bizarre strategy of, if you can’t beat them, join them, leading brands have begun to make their own counterfeits and sell them to customers, pocketing the cash. Firms…

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Premchands stories to be available in English

For the first time ever, Penguin Classics revitalised and repackaged Premchand’s entire short-fiction oeuvre for the delight of the English-speaking world. Brands need to stay relevant to their target market…

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