How Nike & Reebok Branded Their Websites In Accordance With Their Logo Designs

When we picture a brand in our mind, we often picture their logo, be it fast food company like McDonald’s, Technology like Apple, Amazon or even sports brand like Nike and Reebok. We immediately associate it with our memories, experience and interactions with the brand.
  • By simply looking at a logo like it or not we immediately make a judgment and perceive a product or service in a certain way. A logo represents brand identity in one emblem.
  • A logo design and branding may be just a tip of the iceberg but a brand must also be showcased throughout many mediums for it to become recognizable to consumers and inspire repeat consumers.
  • Nike’s iconic swoosh logo is bold, timeless yet simple. It is a responsive symbol that adapts to any medium yet remains strong and steadfast Nike, who keeps the consumer fast and fluid throughout their challenges and adventures.
  • With just one quick scan it is easy to see that website of Nike is rooted in the same black and white simplicity as their logo design. This also enables the consumer to focus on the product without being distracted.
  • Reebok’s logo is also simple and signifies power. However, they make their presence more overtly know through bold sans- serif typography and a geometric symbol.
  • Although Reebok places an emphasis on products, tiny red accents are speckled throughout the website.
  • This draws visitors’ attention to specific details while also creating a subtle homage to the red symbol within the logo design.
  • Nike moulds their brand identity to the moment of trends but still maintains an element of bold minimalism.
 A brand logo and its website is a representation of the whole brand which is a collaboration effort between the marketers and the designers to encompass the core values of the brand. Thus they will be able to create a recognisable identity that cultivates conversions online.
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