Oyo launches wedding planning services!

SoftBank-backed Oyo has entered the fragmented wedding space business in India through Oyo Auto Party, a seperate website that provides banqueting and wedding planning services like banqueting space, catering and decor along with dedicated event planners for clients and will eventually integrate it into the Oyo app. 
  • This product expansion strategy i.e. new product in an existing market stemmed from a lot of enquiries that Oyo was getting for its operated properties. 
  • Oyo Auto Party, launched in April, is currently available in eight cities including Delhi/NCR, Jaipur, Lucknow and Kolkata and the company is targeting 100 venues by December this year in these cities from the current 50. 
  • They have identified a key need in the market through observing that the common man had to coordinate with multiple vendors to put the marriage experience in place. So there is an opportunity for a company like Oyo to come in and create a one stop solution.
  • The service is available for Oyo managed properties in these areas under categories like Townhouses, Oyo Silver Keys, Oyo Homes and Oyo flagships. The tailored packages come with individual event planners and the indoor banquets are priced at Rs 399 /head onwards while an outdoor banquet with a garden or lawn is priced at Rs699 onwards. 
Customers can get a video walk-through of these venues along with estimates of the food and d├ęcor costs. Food tasting can also be arranged at home through the Oyo Auto Party website.
Source: https://bit.ly/2zxTaNs

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