Why does Japan work so hard?

Japan has some of the longest working hours in the world. 80 hours of overtimes are often unpaid and 63 percent of Japanese respondents felt guilty for taking paid leave. Long…

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What does the word “Ocean” mean for marketers?

Blue Ocean Strategy is referred to a market for a product where there is no competition or very less competition. This strategy revolves around searching for a business in which…

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Anthropomorphism of Brands: Humanizing Our Companies

Brands breathe, feed, age, and sometimes vanish with time if not provided the care they need to flourish. A brand has persona when a customer connects with the brand emotionally….

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How to make brand viral in less expenditure

It is very easy to viral the brand by huge investment but these are the ways which will incur less cost and increase the brand presence in the market. Feeling…

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We all have a way of speaking and using certain slangs when we communicate with our family, friends or at a workplace. Even if we speak the same language everywhere…

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Adidas India’s new Campaign #ItsOnYou campaign

Adidas has recently launched a digital campaign – #ItsOnYou which is the perfect push for non-runners to start running. The core objective is to expand the brand’s community of runners, especially…

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Candy maker Mars looks to cut greenhouse gases from its supply chain

Candy manufacturer Mars Inc. is aiming to curb greenhouse gas emission from its supply chain in order to protect the planet. The other reason for taking this step is the…

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Parle G

The humble rectangular Parle G biscuit is a regular feature in almost everyone’s morning breakfast. One of the most popular biscuits, Parle G is a chai staple in the country…

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Five marketing megatrends for 2018

Context replaces advertising as a growth lever Advertising is a one-way communication, and consumers don’t like it. 600 million consumers are using ad-blocking technology. The future of marketing is about…

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Bounce back of Uber into the Indian market by relaunching their auto service.

The United States cab hailing major Uber is ready to re-launch its auto service in India with almost after two years after shutting down their operations in March 2016. The…

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