M360 - a student driven platform from IBS Mumbai

Marketing360.in is a student-driven platform created to provide simplified information and insights into everything that is new and trending in this ever-changing world of marketing. Marketing360.in acts as the link between theoretical marketing concepts and their real-world application.

Everything you’re looking out for to quench your curiosity of marketing, whether it be marketing concepts, latest trends, news, brand stories, innovative campaigns, buzz-worthy advertisements, we’ve got you covered, marketing360.in is your one-stop solution to look forward to. Marketing 360 also has a mascot whose name goes as (MARKETRIX). The brainchild behind it’s naming is Ms. Sawani Marathe who won the naming contest in April 2021. 

How did we start?

Marketing360.in is a non-profit community, established in 2015 by a group of marketing students at IBS Mumbai. They came up with the idea of the website, marketing360.in, to provide their fellow batch mates with the insights of the vast world of marketing at a single platform.

Being students themselves they knew the expedience of knowledge available at a single platform. Thus, Marketing360.in was build to acknowledge their needs and later turned in as a must-read source for the influential audiences across marketing landscapes.

Where are we now ?

We are now a family of 35+ aspiring marketers, content creators, social media enthusiasts, graphic designers, and tech experts, who work together as a family of committed individuals to deliver the best value to our readers. We aim to bridge the gap between the books and the practice

We are constantly active on the lookout to stay on top of what’s hot and what’s not in the marketing world. We also drive the Branding and Marketing of our Flagship events (IBS Swasth Bharat Run & KONFLUX) of IBS MUMBAI.

We are continuously experimenting with new things, and exploring our personalities with what we do!

For all you contributors, Marketrix is here to help you. We are happy to accept your guests posts 🙂