Brands turns to youtubers for likes, comments and sales

Youtube…when it comes to youtube it is all about try on hauls, comedy, lifestyle and fun collaboration with various brands which we as viewers can’t afford to miss. Viewers eagerly wait for their videos and Youtubers with More than 10000 to a million subscribers are considered as an influencer and more importantly, they have a loyal and committed fan base who trust on them for their creative content and honestly towards viewers.
  • A Delhi based youtuber Sejal Kumar with 883,000 subscribers takes her viewers with a video title How I get ready for a shoot. While subtly talks about Veet Electric Trimmer and how it helped her last minute.
  • Brands across categories are collaborating with Youtubers to engage the young audience as the average time spends by an Indian watching youtube is 52 minutes in 2018 compared to 2012 which was 2 minutes.
  • Youtube has given rise digital influencers who are transforming the way brands interact with consumers online.
  • Not only the brands get an impactful return and engagement through youtubers the promotional cost is low compared to mainstream advertising.
  • Youtuber are honest with their audience and hence create a positive impact on the brands offline and online sales.
Youtubers are becoming mini TV channels and will definitely be the next big thing in Influencer Marketing. The real big opportunity for brands would be in regional language content which is set to explode. Youtubers creating content in the local language can be a good opportunity for brands to tap consumers from smaller towns. These can be crucial links for brands to connect to their audience and have a big opportunity in future.
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