Maruti decides to pull the plug on diesel engines

Hybrid and electric technologies are revolutionizing the automobile industry. India is set to implement the same by 2030. As a result, companies like Maruti are aggressively trying to tap the growing markets of CNG, hybrid and electric cars.

  • Maruti is planning to shut its diesel engine assembly plant in Gurgaon. Alternatively, it is trying to convert the same into an assembly line for petrol engines, which will be used for its Manesar plan. This decision taken by Maruti is owing to the reducing demand for diesel cars in India.
  • Maruti will not be offering 1.3-liter diesel engine, the demand for which will be sufficed by the Manesar plant in the medium term. The 1.3-liter diesel engine will be replaced by 1.5-liter diesel engine which is being built in-house by Suzuki.
  • The new emission norms are likely to make the manufacturing of diesel engines costlier.
  • Owing to the Supreme Court’s decision of barring the sale of Bharat Stage IV vehicles from 1st April 2020 and the BS VI emission norms coming into force, Maruti Suzuki has planned to stop manufacturing BS IV compliant cars by the end of 2019.

Following the lead of Maruti Suzuki, many other car manufacturing companies are aggressively tapping the CNG, hybrid and electric car market. Automobile industry is changing rapidly around the globe for the better.






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