The Twitter Hack

Social media has been in headlines for past couple of weeks that too not for some good reasons. Starting with the backlash that Facebook received in the form of ‘Stop…

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TikTok and Conservation International’s #SaveOurOceans Campaign

Marine pollution due to plastics is one of the major growing concern of the hour. According to studies, by 2050, there will be more plastic than fishes in the ocean….

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Why nobody wants to head Facebook in India

Social Media is the most promising way of creating Goodwill. Facebook had been ruling the Social Media platform ever since. Along with being able to help create a name for…

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Lessons in Social Media crisis management from Airtel

While social media is a powerful tool to reach your target audience at lesser costs, it also harbours a dark side where things can balloon out of proportion very quickly….

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Social media influencers face a massive backlash from brands

Social media Influencers are ‘people like us’ who post on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or Facebook about everything from travel to luxury hotels, from yoga to fitness or fashion to beauty….

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Goodbye, Yahoo Messenger! Thanks for the memories’  

90’s was the time when Indian kids would wait in long queues in front of cybercafé just to play their favourite video game on the computer. Back then, the options…

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YouTube makes a big change to its logo

For the first time, YouTube has made changes to its logo along with adding features that will help its interface be more user friendly. Let us observe what the changes…

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PrasarBharti to go digital overseas

India’s public broadcaster PrasarBharati is looking to spread its wings overseas, digitally. They have moved a proposal seeking approval for the launch of ‘Digital PrasarBharati’ as a globally respected digital news platform….

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Giving your Brand a Face lift, the Mumbai Police way!

For most of my childhood I have feared the Police force, and who wouldn’t? Cinema and news reports across the 90’s created a perception that when in trouble approaching the…

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Here’s how regional brands are using social media to get maximum bang for their buck.

India is country where we find diversity in diet, language and culture. So the one size fits all approach can be implemented to a certain extent and social media platforms…

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