Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the process of identifying, researching, engaging and supporting the people who create high-impact conversations with customers about your brand, products or services. In recent years, influencer marketing…

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What is Public Relations?

According to Philip Kotler and Gary Armstrong, Public Relation means ‘building good relations with the company’s various publics by obtaining favorable publicity, building up a good corporate image, and handling or heading off unfavorable rumors,…

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Storytelling as a method of Content Marketing

The difference between content and content marketing is the destination. In the present scenario, content marketing is all that’s left. Brands in today’s increasingly cluttered online marketplace are conceptualizing themselves…

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Anthropomorphism of Brands: Humanizing Our Companies

Brands breathe, feed, age, and sometimes vanish with time if not provided the care they need to flourish. A brand has persona when a customer connects with the brand emotionally….

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Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing: Definitions, Differences and Winning Strategies

The digital marketing world changes every single day — and yet, the two umbrella terms that encompass the entire digital marketing space remain intact. Inbound marketing is the practice of…

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Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)  

  The Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) was based on the theory of Reasoned Action and developed by Davis in 1989. The Purpose of this model is to predict the acceptability of…

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Market Orientations of International Marketing

Different attitudes towards company’s involvement in international marketing process are called international marketing orientations. The EPRG framework addresses the way strategic decisions are made and how the relationship between headquarters…

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How does a market leader protect its market share?

A market leader has the largest market share (40%) and usually leads in price changes, new-product introductions, distribution coverage and promotional intensity. The aim of defensive strategies is to reduce…

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Online Marketing Domains

Online marketing is the effort to market products and services and build customer relationships over the internet. The four major online marketing domains are: Business-to-Business: Businesses using online marketing to…

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Creating Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantage is a superior move gained by an organization by offering same values and products at a lower price or providing more benefits with higher prices over its competitors….

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