Reverse Marketing: It’s easy if you do it Smart

Key Takeaways:

  • Reverse Marketing is such a traditional type of concept which is practised by a lot of brands who believes in their product
  • Companies make questions on their customer mind, like in the given example of CASTROL how company use negative psychology to create doubt in the target customer mind
  • Through this Marketing Technique, Brand telecast their product and how it will solve the problem if they are having or if they would need the product in the future. 
  • How different companies talk about social causes of society like Dove talked about Women Empowerment and Nike talked about the culture of Brazil.
  • How does Reverse Marketing work with making attractive content for advertisement for the target customer and grabbing the attention of the targeted customer? 

We must know many different marketing techniques where a brand approaches their customer through many different marketing ways where they advertise or invite their customer to come and check out their product but have you ever thought that some company practice such type of marketing technique where the customer approach or seeks the brand rather than brand seeks the firm, which is opposite of marketing we knew, well this is also a marketing method which is called as Reverse Marketing

It must have shocked you that how a customer seeks the brand and not the brand seeks the customer, well this is the type of old and traditional marketing technique which is also called “Coercive Marketing” where the main way they do this is through advertisement. Here the brands advertise their product in such a way which are old schools like Posters, Television Ads, print advertisements, and online social media. Here it helps to find the right customer by targeting them in their advertisement. As advertisement is done on a much higher level so out of ten people there would always be around two or three target or potential customers who are interested or willing to buy their product. 

We have now understood what Reverse marketing is, but we would need an example to relate to what we have understood before, you must have a soap brand called “Dove”, they started a marketing campaign where they were celebrating women, instead of advertising about their soap-like how well it is for your skin, how good the soap is made or what are the ingredients of it. But instead of this, they celebrated Women all instead irrespective of their colour, age, or size which helped the brand to connect to their customers more closely as a human and helped them to build a good brand image among their potential customers and helps to attract the customer to look more of their product. 

Have you ever thought about why does Reverse marketing works, well it is quite hard to use this type of marketing technique on such a huge customer base of a brand, but our human mind is very different? We have a subconscious mind where sometimes we do something which we aren’t supposed to do. We always think more on the negative side of the thing, where we think that if we don’t do it then this would happen or whatnot, so brand builds a threat to you in this technique, Like for an example here in this Video
( it is an Advertisement for Castrol Engine Oil, where the Mechanic tells how this product will help their engine to run faster and smoothly while daily riding his bike. So here in this advertisement, they smartly explained their product in such a way where they developed a suspicion to the viewer that they should change their engine oil as soon as possible, and the target customer will come and change their engine oil with the CASTROL engine oil. So, this type of marketing technique builds a threat to your mind sometimes which attracts and makes the customer come to the brand for buying of their product, that how the reverse marketing works. 

In reverse marketing the advertisement is in such a way where the brands show most of the custom features of their product what is their product, what is their feature or how it is good to use the product, they don’t much convince the target audience to buy their product, they just lay all the features or benefit of their product or service where they have to believe in the customer that they would approach them for buying their product. Some brands may make a personal touch, or some may make you think about their product, but their main goal is to let the customer come and take interest in the product or service. 

In the above, we have understood what reverse marketing is and why does this type of marketing technique work but now let us understand why the brand uses this type of marketing like this a traditional type of marketing technique, it is only possible when you have such a product where you don’t need to convince your target customer to buy the product but to make them understand how good your product is. Now let us understand why they need to do this,

  • In the above article, we have looked at an example of Dove where they did a campaign where all they did was to Celebrate Women in their poster. How they held up social responsibility of uplifting women of our society, so sometimes to improve or to make a good brand image, brands do this type of marketing where they take up on a social issue which helps to build a good brand image, which shows how good are their principles is and their beliefs for the society. Through this, it helps them to build brand loyalty among the target customers as they believe that they don’t believe only in mass-producing and selling corporate companies. 
  • As we know every different brand or company practices a different type of marketing technique, so in this type of marketing technique where the brand is more focused on enriching the lives of the customer. Their main point of sale of their product is to enrich their customer life as many other different companies try to cross-sell, cross-selling is the type of marketing method where the brands try to sell relatable or complementary goods to their customer. Here their focus is selling their product not to enrich the user life of that product or service. So, in Reverse Marketing or also called “Coercive Marketing” their goal is to enrich their customer life through proper knowledge and education of the product. 
  • Every product is designed by the company for selling purposes which are supposed to solve or fix problems. So, the company uses this different type of traditional Reverse marketing technique as it helps to build a relationship with the customer which will help them retain them for a longer time and support them whenever they use the product so telecasting this type of tactic helps the brand to not do hard push technique sales and sales become easy for them 
  • As discussed in the above article what Reverse Marketing is, that how they telecast their product they would describe the product, not convincing customer to buy it, so when the company approaches this method and target customer becomes a customer, and when the product solves the customer problem, or the customer receives a maximum satisfaction there is connection build with the brand. If the customer liked your product, they would surely buy your product and most off recommend others to buy it too. So, with this type of technique, it helps them to build a relationship with the customer and the customer stays for a longer period. 

As we have come this far, we have understood what Reverse Marketing is. Now let us understand How does it work; it is not easy to sell your product just by describing what your product is. So let us understand how it works.

  • Whenever they are trying to do Reverse Marketing, one of the main attentions of the brand is to develop customer attention, when they develop customer attention there is a chance to develop a relationship with the customer. In reverse marketing, the focus is on relationships with customers as it stays for a longer period by providing the best product they could have.
  • The attention is only grabbed when the advertisement or marketing of the product is specially designed for the targeted audience. In the example above how in Castrol Ad, the ad was targeted to people who are driving a two-wheeler that uses engine oil. Here their advertisement was designed in such a way that it reaches the target customer, and they start to consider buying or even look at the product.
  • They use the technique in such a way that it can address the pain of the customer or provide relief to the customer in such a way if a person sees the ad, they start thinking that this product might solve their problem or if would need this new thing in their daily life. So, by addressing these things customer comes to look for the product. 

Now we have understood all about reverse marketing, but how do we relate it? So now we will look at some examples that show different brands or companies use this type of marketing to be doing up of their business.


“Do it the Brazilian way”
One of the biggest major Sportswear companies called Nike, they have launched a campaign in the year 2014 which was called “Do it the Brazilian Way” where they launched an advertisement in which they have not promoted any of their product but promoted the country where football is the major sport “Brazil” To watch the advertisement: ( ). Here in this advertisement video, you can see how Nike has shown all the cultures of Brazil, The Street Art, how every person in the country in that place is playing football, and a lot more. So, in this marketing technique of Nike, they showed the values of the company and not without promoting anything about the product they promoted the culture of Brazil where people would get attracted towards this and people will start building trust around this brand as they are not just for selling or marketing of their product, but the company has some values and beliefs for the society. So, this builds a good brand image and customer comes directly to you for buying up the product. To understand more about these, check out this post [].


Walmart is an all-general store where you can get every stuff from groceries to clothes. So, in an advertisement of Walmart Link
(, they have shown why Walmart is needed for people as they have affordable prices of their products, they have all types of products available at their stores, they have many locations of Walmart stores available and its is accessible by all. In their video advertisement, they have shown how families who visit Walmart saves a lot of time on the product as every different member in a household have different needs of products which is mostly all available in the Walmart stores, so Walmart saves a lot of time of people as it has all wide range of products. Another this which they have shown that how families using Walmart as their daily go-to stores for all their needs save a good amount of money on their monthly expenses, as Walmart provide affordable rates in their stores which can be purchased by most of all. So, in this advertisement, Walmart did such amazing reverse marketing where the target customer sees the ad and thinks that how Walmart will help them to save a lot of time and money in their daily life. Walmart created such an advertisement where their target customer will surely start thinking about using Walmart or even will go and check out the Walmart stores.
We have finally understood what reverse marketing is and how does it work and why the companies use them, so this is such type of marketing that has been practised for a long period and help the companies to showcase their product in such a manner that let the person think about the product for a longer period and in this we can also see with the example of Dove and Nike how they have talked over with the social causes of the society like Dove being with the women in the society or Nike how they showed the Brazil culture. This will stay the best and old traditional-based- Reverse Marketing where brands who are practising this method will continue to use this for a long time. To know more, click here.

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