Companies use Instagram to capture talent.

‘Insta Worthy’ is undoubtedly the buzz phrase used in travel sphere, food, makeup, fashion and much more. Insta-worthy is the reason to visit the place or try new fusion foods that look good in the photos. Something trending these days be it fashion or lifestyle has made its way through Instagram.
  • It has not only open the doors to influencer videos and branded content, it may also land you a job.
  • For social media management the creativity lies where photography skills or videos can make anything look good and worth buying or experiencing. And this talent is what the companies and HR are looking for.
  • Instagram provides a scope for visually appealing content. People from art background like photography, painting or music post their work on instagram to build their profile.
  • This helps the firm to gauge their work and also it assist in targeting the audience and reach out to potential employees. Which also reduces their hiring cost.
  • Companies like Schneider Electric, Starbucks and Verizon use Instagram to post job ads and this trend is now prevalent in Indian Start-ups as well.
Reaching out to a targeted employee is equally important as reaching to a customer. As an employee plays a crucial role to make a brand look appealing on social media. And as for hiring for social media savvy profiles such as marketing or creative roles Instagram is a platform where an HR can get access to newbies . It makes engagement easier with employees and also captures the talent.
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