Coke tries out ‘brand journalism’; Brings e-magazine ‘Journey’ to India

Coca-Cola India has announced the launch of ‘Journey’, a digital magazine.
  • The previous website is succeeded by a dynamic & multimedia-rich responsive digital platform that shares Coca-Cola stories in an interesting & engaging manner.
  • The digital platform tries to maintain a fine balance between great user experience, simple functionality, & easily discoverable content comprising of articles, infographics, blog posts, pictures & videos.
  • The home page consists of brand-related information, opinions, stories about the lives of people & communities that Coca-Cola has touched upon.
  • A section is dedicated to Coca-Cola rich heritage & remarkable history.
  • There are top songs from Coke Studio, behind-the-song stories, & information about their favorite Coke Studio artists.
  • There are fun facts & amusing trivia about Coca-Cola & its loved brands.
Though new in India, the brand has explored this digital magazine format across other markets in the past. Over the last three years, the Journey family has grown to 20+ sites, spanning 30+ countries & 14 languages.


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