Game of Errors – Ariel makes a silly grammatical error

Internet is one of the most dangerous and effective of tools in today’s era, it is as necessary for brands, as it is for individuals to keep themselves digitally updated….

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An ode to the superheroes – Brands’ celebrate Father’s Day

The times have changed drastically when Father’s Day used to be celebrated without much of a buzz, brands in today’s era ensure that the superheroes of our lives are properly…

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Marketing with Thrones

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, or the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. Experiential marketing isn’t about creating the biggest spectacle or employing…

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Go IndiGo!

Low-cost airlines, the pioneers of brief discomfort at bargain prices, have struggled to master long-haul flights. Now one of the world’s most successful budget carriers is considering cut-price business class…

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What’s trending? – #Movie Marketing

  Movie marketing has the power to influence and position a concept in the mind of the audience. In India, film industry is very cumbersome and is continuously flourishing since…

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The Dawn of new-age Politics

India as a country has always been fascinated and inspired by movies. Film stars in this country have always had ardent and dedicated fan base, a relationship which goes beyond…

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Brands create a splash this year at Kumbh Mela

Every 12 years, millions of priests, people, and Hindu devotees come together to bathe in the sacred river to cleanse their sins, and feel the hand of god gracing them….

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Whatsapp’s move to tackle Fake News

With a number of rumors and misleading information spreading on WhatsApp in India, it had run campaigns regarding offering tips to users on how to spot misinformation. Now, it is launching a new fact-checking service…

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Campaigning with ‘Content’

As the election season is approaching, India’s two biggest political parties have thrown the traditional ideas of how to attract voters out the window. The stories candidates tell have a…

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Brands team up with Kids to take on Exam Pressure

This is that time of the year when you can see kids constantly inside their homes, sunk by the weight of their books, and staying away from the radar of…

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