ICC World Cup brand campaigns

ICC World Cup is a once in a four-year event, and all the hype created is totally worth it. Cricket may not be the national sport of India but it is more like a RELIGION for Indians. This sport works like an enchantment on Indians as it brings the whole of India together be it any caste or creed.

Cricket world cup is a huge platform for brands to promote and is claimed to be one of the most viewed events on television. And the brands have taken the full advantage of the event to reach a wider audience.

This season brands have chosen to go in their own direction to allure their audience.

  • Ariel’s #2011Dobara campaign has managed to successfully depict the thought of the entire nation in one hashtag and connected with the audience by emotionally.
  • Uber is an official sponsor of ICC World Cup 2019. In India, they are running a contest with a campaign which says Iss Bar Fans Bhi Jitengee where you ride with the Uber, score runs with every ride and stands a chance to visit England for the match.
  • Star Sports has brilliantly pulled the campaigns across matches of the cricket world cup.
    • Their main campaign was #cricketkacrown. It started off with Cricket ka Crown Hum le jayenge jingle, in which countries who are participants of the world cup chase for the crown but in the end, it lands in the hands of Team India.
    • Another splendidly conceptualized two ads of Mauka Mauka was done for India and Pakistan Match in the first ad they show that the guy wanted to celebrate the win of Pakistan against India since 1992 but couldn’t because all the world cup matches were won India. And in the second one being Father’s Day, they have given a hint of who is the real father.
  • Volkswagen India has launched a new Special cup edition carline. This edition is a sheer reflection of sportsmanship, innovation, and excellence. Volkswagen is celebrating the sport by combining the cultures of Germany and India for cheering Team India this World Cup #GermanyCheersForIndia. This campaign has been one of the most successful campaigns this season.

This ICC World Cup 2019 has witnessed clutters of adverts which have shown us the essence of cricket in different colors. Some of the brands have hit a sixer and won our hearts with their campaigns.

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