Condom brands leverage social media to connect with audience  

In a country like India, which is filled to the brim with orthodox families, it is difficult to advertise for condom brands. These ads are often met with scorn and disgust, which makes advertising on mainstream media like TV or print ads becomes a challenge.

 But on the same note, it is imperative for brands to connect with their target audience, be it for the simple motive of creating a brand recall or building customer loyalty through creating a mindset.

  • In 2017, I&B ministry banned condom ads on television between 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. This proved to be a major setback because this meant condom brands could not even advertise during dayparts, much less during prime time.
  • There was a problem, and not one that could be ignored, with times changing and the dire need for sex education rising in our country, brands like Skore, Durex, Kamasutra, Moods etc protested that by the age of 14, kids have enough exposure about certain topics through various digital touchpoints.
  • Condom brands have recently taken to social media to advertise their products, and these creatives are mostly focused on moment marketing.
  • Durex recently launched a campaign in social media with the hashtag #Orgasminequality. The campaign was based on how often women fake their orgasms, and the campaign went viral with many celebrities endorsing the campaign.

 Brands have successfully created a connection with major events happening in the country, and by revolving their ads around these events, have made it impossible for their target audience to forget their brand. The advantage of leveraging social media is that condom brands are able to reach a large part of their audience with whom they’d like to engage.






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