FaceApp – A peep into the future

Launched in 2017, FaceApp is a neutral portrait editing technology that lets one improve their selfies with various filters available for free in the application. Although, it was launched a couple of years ago, FaceApp has recently become the buzz, with everyone using it, and also sharing their pictures on social media.

Brands have joined the #faceappchallenge, and are fighting to come up with creative ideas to make most of this challenge that is going viral.


  • Standard Chartered post a video on its twitter handle with a picture of our earth today, green and lush, with comparison to what it would look like 50 years later, rotting away due to climate change, global warming, pollution etc. The brand asked its audience if they are committed enough to start making a change right away than waiting around.


  • Edelweiss Asset Management, posted a picture of a young man, and the older version of the same person using the FaceApp filter. The copy read, “You have seen your retirement look, but have you considered your expenses?”. This communication was brilliant, as the brand was not just selling a product, in turn it was selling an idea of the fearful complications of entering retirement age without a financial plan.


  • Nivea, on the other hand decided to connect FaceApp with their tagline, ‘Stay Original’. Their creative showed two versions of the same girl, one young and the other old, with the copy that read ‘Stay Original’.


Although FaceApp is fun to use, and has become a sensation in social media, there are also a lot of privacy concerns that are arising against the application. It is being widely stated that a certain section 15 of FaceApp’s terms bans its users from taking any legal actions against the company whatsoever. This will be a shocking revelation, if found to be true.

 Bitly: https://bit.ly/2SwIog9, https://bit.ly/32NVVEU


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