Battle of Brands: Pepsi and Coke fight for the mind recall count

#ICCWorldCup2019 has been one of the most nail-biting events of this year, but with tension high as ever on the ground, arch-rivals PepsiCo and Coca Cola had their own war going on both inside and outside the ground for better brand recall. Both the brands were secretly sizing up each other both online and offline to outsmart the other. Out of this whole ordeal, we as viewers of this have got some of the most brilliant campaigns ever.


  • Coca Cola started its online campaign with the hashtag #Bematchready. The ad was endorsed by Ranbir Kapoor, where he forgets to stock up with Coke for the match and has to rush to the nearest store due to which he misses a brilliant catch. This brilliant tactic was in taste to induce customers to stock up their fridges with coke and be match ready.


  • In the offline campaign, Coca Cola started its core idea: Be the 12th The film symbolized the spirit and rising anxieties of Indian fans. The campaign symbolized that “You don’t have to be in the team, to be a part of the team.” In my opinion, this also brings out the collective patriotism of Indians when it comes to cricket, we all feel a part of the team. Indians have felt that way about cricket for a long time.


  • Pepsi, on the other hand, did not initiate sponsorship in the event, but the brand still celebrated the ‘swag’ of Indian cricket by collaborating with the 87-year-old Charulata Patel, who became quite a sensation in social media in a short span of time.


While it is hard to say who won this battle, all of us would agree that Coca Cola had a better creative calendar, and ran it with a good frequency. All that aside, speaking only facts, Google trends shows that Coca Cola was more searched by India during this world cup season.



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