Brands bond with audience on Friendship Day

On 4th August, everyone celebrated Friendship day, and brands jumped right into the bandwagon. The most successful brand in the digital era is always going to be the one which can pull the right emotional strings at the right time. In a country like India, ‘emotion’ plays a major role with the audience, be it in the context of belongingness to a brand or purchase decision. Brands like Fevicol, Cadbury, and SBI Life celebrated friendship day this year with their audience, let us see how.

  • Cadbury decided to merge this occasion with a cause, their campaign’s concept was extending support to your friends who were being trolled online. The video starts with a girl getting trolled in social media ad her friend sending purple hearts to counter the trolling. This campaign shows us how even the littlest of gestures can make such a huge difference in another person’s life.


  • Fevicol once again leveraged its brand logo of two elephants that are stuck together forever by Fevicol’s #mazboodjhod. Fevicol shared a creative in social media with the copy, “Yeh dosti hum nahi todenge”. This was very minimalistic compared to Cadbury’s campaign, yet very effective in the terms of brand recall.


  • Vodafone’s campaign was yet another poke at the changing meaning of friendship in today’s generation. Their campaign was named #Friendsunplugged. The brand prompted the audience to unfriend all their friends in social media, and instead spend time with them for real, befriend them for real. In fact, what could be better than quality time spent with friends without the tweets, likes, and popups to disturb us?


Brands had an eventful friendship day this year, SBI Life insurance’s campaign was named, “Yeh dosti hai hamesha ke liye”. The sentiment of friendship seems to be working on the people so far.




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