Doritos drops its Logo and Name in the latest campaign


Doritos drops a new surprise by dropping its name and logo being confident that the users will recognize the iconic brand even without them. For the announcement, they used a very surprising reveal idea to diminish the brand to a single icon of a red triangular Dorito Chip.


  • Counting on the exemplary status of their product and their packaging, they have removed the logo and the brand name from the profile name and picture.
  • They have also removed all their previous posts and changed the account name to “logo_goes_here” and the website name to


The brand has taken a bold step of rebranding to reach a new part of the audience.

  • The commercial released by the company says, “The following is a paid message for a chip so iconic we don’t need to name it, because this is an ad with no logos, no jingles, no gimmicks, just those red and blue bags with the stuff you love in it.”
  • Doritos created an augmented reality (AR) Snapchat Lens that allows users to turn their faces into triangles, matching the shape of the flavored tortilla chips.
  • They’re targeting Gen Z with a digital media that involves skippable YouTube ads.
  • Doritos is certainly taking a risk with its new idea by not identifying itself and letting customers identify, and this is part of the marketing plan.
  • Starbucks in 2011 removed its name and the word “coffee” from the logo as it expanded into other products as well.
  • This year, Mastercard removed its name from its logo to reflect a shift towards card less digital payments.


Doritos’ name has been added to the list of the companies that have removed their names from their marketing strategies to signify a change in strategy.


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