Online Marketing Domains

Online marketing is the effort to market products and services and build customer relationships over the internet. The four major online marketing domains are:
  • Business-to-Business: Businesses using online marketing to reach new business customers more effectively and obtain buying efficiencies in better prices. Tata Group’s B2B content marketing has the website – When a business grows so large and has numerable companies, Tata Group created a website umbrella where any person can learn about the brand in an easy manner.
  • Business-to-Consumer: Businesses selling goods and services online to final consumers. Tata Group has decided to stay off Facebook and communicate through LinkedIn and Twitter. Their communication across the two mediums is quite distinct. On Twitter, they have focused on informing readers about the latest news on Tata, but their communication on LinkedIn is more focused on their B2B audience.
  • Consumer-to-Consumer: Online exchanges of goods (Example: Ebay, and information (blogs) between final consumers. Dell has a dozen or more blogs that facilitate a direct exchange with Dell customers about their technology. They might even encourage sponsored conversations by influential bloggers.
  • Consumer-to-Business: Online exchanges in which consumers search out sellers, learn about their offers, initiate purchases, and sometimes even drive transaction terms. At, would-be buyers can bid for airline tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, cruises and vacation packages, leaving the sellers to decide whether to accept their offers or not.
Source: Principles of Marketing 15th edition, by Kotler and Armstrong
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