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Domino’s, an American pizza restaurant chain founded in 1960 by James Monaghan and Tom Monaghan rooted itself in India 20 years back and now occupy a market share of 70%.
  • After starting its business in India in 1996, now pizza giant is starting to follow Phillip Kotler’s method of delighting the customer.
  • Now Domino’s is customising their pizza on the basis of customer feedback with a new campaign called “Aapne Kaha Humne Mana”.
  • This campaign was rolled out in the USA and was highly successful.
  • Other improvements include simplifying the menu and training staff for first timers and also introducing the all-night delivery service in cities like Mumbai, Gurugram, and Bangalore.
Domino’s has introduced the middle-class Indian with a plate loaded with flavors and is still trying to improve itself but Domino’s need to learn from the mistakes of previous failed campaigns like Burger Pizzas buy one get one free offer which resulted in the reduction of the value of the product.
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