Havells enters water purifier segment

Havells India Ltd is one of the largest electrical equipment company in India having a variety of products including home and kitchen appliances, industrial and domestic cables, wires and many more, is now looking to make its name in water purifier segment.
  • After announcing the launch of six variant of water purifier, Havells India is aiming to generate a revenue of Rs100 crores in the first year.
  • The launched purifiers are ranging from Rs10,499 to Rs23,999.
  • Being the first purifier in India with pH balance they are hoping to give a very tough competition to its rivals and planning to acquire 10% of the market in next 4 years.
To remain ahead of the competition Havells is training its service technicians for in-house developed technology and is going to build a strong customer service network across the country. And whether they are going to achieve their goal or not depend on their marketing strategy.
Source- http://bit.ly/2BZEeYq
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