Zoomcar needs to adjust focal of their services.

India’s first car rental company is throwing lights to focus on its consumer experience. Reach of 3000 cars across the country and turnover 121.2 crore makes them India’s biggest self-drive car rental start-up. But things are not in favor because of poor service and complaints about delayed payments.
  • Consumers are flaunting with negative feedbacks on social media platform which is not a good sign for this four-year-old start-up and the company wants to resolve all this issue within a short span of time.
  • As Indian consumer are tending towards good service experience it does not prove to be a good sign for a market leader in car rental segment just to expand their market instead of managing negative feedbacks on social media.
  • The main focus of the company is to expand their market and minimize their losses so that they can dig their footsteps into this segment.
  • The Bengaluru based firm has a base of two million consumers with excellent customer service with the help of mouth to mouth marketing and it also proves to be the biggest source of their brand discovery.
  • Now the major setback for them is to work on all those negative feedbacks which they receive continuously on social media platform in order to remain consistent in the market.
So, zoom car needs to seek out some or other way to fix this major issue of delivering poor services who had great consumer base as well as experience otherwise their image soon gets convert into vain. 
Source: http://bit.ly/2BP6DjC

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