Bounce back of Haldiram in the snacks segment as country’s largest company

After giving tough competition to PepsiCo and local players in the snack segment Haldiram managed to regain its top position as the nation’s largest snack company surpassing PepsiCo nearly after two decades.
  • Consumers are heading towards healthy food products like Namkeen over chips as it considered unhealthy.
  • The Haldiram business is expanded into three geographical segments i.e Haldiram manufacturing (north), Haldiram foods (west and south) and Haldiram bhujiawala (east).
  • As per PepsiCo, they are still market leaders in the salty snack segment which is growing at a fast pace in overall snack segment. Lay’s has been leading food brand and exceeding rapidly with brand innovation such as Lay’s Maxx and Shapes.
  • National players are focusing more on packaging and pricing to attract more consumers and increase its base.
  • By creating brand awareness in the market consumer ends up buying branded products rather than going for unbranded products from local subsidies due to hygiene factors restricting the outsider’s to gain market share.
  • Gujrat based Balaji Group who is the market challenger in snacks segment in individual brands after Haldiram has also increased its pace to give tough competition to national players by posting sales of Rs.2121 crore in the year to September.
By looking at this current market conditions in this type of segment it is clear that in coming days there will be a tough competitive situation for international players due to increase in new product launches by local players that have been growing at a fast pace.

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