The Saffola story: From scare to care

Saffola’s vision is to create a heart healthy India and it has been committed to the cause of educating and inspiring people on the importance of taking care of their heart.
  • Saffola made clever use of fear psychology to sell their products. But Soon Saffola realised that merely scaring consumers into buying was perhaps not the best strategy. 
  • They moved from pure fear to things that strike fear: the signs of the unhealthy heart.”
  • Under Saffola life, an initiative began in 2005. The brand started promoting a healthy lifestyle.
  • Brand rightly acknowledged the difficulty in getting people adopting a healthier lifestyle with its ‘Kal se’ Commercial.
Even at a time when Indian’s obsession with health is leading them to buy super premium olive oils, the brand is meeting the challenges with new blends like Aura which is a combination of olive and flaxseed oil. 

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