Moto & Flipkart Ensures You Never Stress About Low Battery Again!

Phones running out of charge! It is perhaps the most frustrating thing for all of us. Low battery equals to high stress. We easily get tensed the moment battery meter shows a low battery signal. But now it seems that we have found a permanent solution for this problem!! The answer is Moto e4 Plus!
  • Moto has joined hands with The E commerce giant Flipkart to introduce this phone which has a massive battery of 5000Mah power.
  • Surprisingly the battery lasts up to 2 days and it has promised not to disappoint
  • Moto used an unusual marketing strategy. Users simply had to tweet #NeedPowerPlus and they would get the location of the nearest charging station.
  • They have designed a digitally powered physical bus covered with charging points and plugs which will travel to public places.
This is certainly an out of the box idea which has been used by Moto along with Flipkart. It is creating a lot of buzz in the market.  What a creative way to generate interest and make a mark in the marketplace!!

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