Paper vs Ipad or Tablet. Funny Commercial.

“An app for this and an app for that, here app, there app and literally everywhere app” are the words to live by. We have practically upgraded to the digital media in everything. From sticky notes (not so sticky anymore) to books, there is a wide range of applications of the e-paper technology.
Just the other day, my dad assumed a high ground in tech, by demonstrating to my mom, how she can replace the paper with his newest fetish he bought in the form of an iPad. He justified his latest investment to her (as goes the protocol). He showed her how she can get my younger brother’s homework done on it. In the end though, when there was no toilet paper, and he called for my mom to get it, she silently slid the iPad with an HD quality toilet paper image showing on the screen. Now, can dad make do with that?

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