The old Cola rivals are back with the ‘Cold’ wars

Pepsico and Coca-Cola which are two major players in the soft drinks market have started to go toe-to-toe with each other to gain their lost market share. Since the last couple of months Pepsico is in the process to frame some aggressive strategies to rectify their disappointing results.
  • Pepsico is lagging behind Coca-Cola when it comes to spending on advertisements as they aren’t spending enough on the Cola business.
  • In the course of time, Coca-Cola came with various products such as Diet Coke, Coke Zero which is now called Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. This strategy of line extension gives them a good breakthrough and they’re leading the race in the Cola segment.
  • There was a cut-throat battle between both the brands in 1980-90s where Pepsico used to rule the market but due to the change in the technology and need of consumer the scenario began to change. But now both the brands are back to showcasing their old rivalry.
  • Though Pepsico did come up with Diet Pepsi when they launched a new campaign called ‘Pepsi generations’ that campaign lasted for a very short period of time due changing needs of consumers.
It is going to take some quarters for Pepsico to reset their Cola business as they have decided to sledge down their spending where Coca-Cola is working full-fledged to take the lead in cola business.


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