Is sensory marketing relevant today in the digital era?

Sensory Marketing is simply the process of winning a customer’s trust and attention by appealing to each of his five senses.
  • Sensory Marketing is still an effective means of offline brand building.
  • Today most brands focus on enhancing customer experience and this can be done effectively by a combination of both online as well as offline campaigns.
  • Play on the sense of smell: Smell is a powerful sense, and tests have shown pleasant smells can improve mood by 40%. Marketers should find ways to incorporate a pleasant scent into their brand to create positive vibes for the customers.
  • Don’t forget about sound: Sound takes many forms in advertising. It can be a jingle or a slogan that people can’t seem to get out of their head once they hear it.
  • Play up touch: Touch is a powerful sense, and it’s easy for most brands to capitalize on. Brands should put in efforts to make their products feel good in the customer’s hands.
  • Make it beautiful: Sight is one of the most powerful senses and marketers can make the most of it. Make your company website beautiful and appealing to customers or hire professionals to design your social media or advertising graphics.
  • Make it tasty: Use different flavours and unique combinations in your products that urge the customers to go for your brand.
  • Consumers are still entrenched in real interactions and recognize the value of real-world branding effort.
  • Thus both digital and traditional tools need to accompany customers alongside their decision-making journey.
Marketers must bridge the gap between the two worlds and achieve consistency across different channels because widespread and far-reaching branding cannot afford to neglect the offline.

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