How are digital trends changing B2B purchasing?

The features of business to business such as negotiation of price and terms on lunch business meetings no longer exist due to change in technology over the past two decades.
  • Recently digital trends have completely replaced the traditional business to business purchasing process with the peak usage of smartphone and Internet and have completely changed the norms of the game for marketers as well as for product managers.
  • As per the survey in an organisation, purchasing decision is finalised by the 73 % of people who are 20-35 years old. More than half of the decision makers are business to business researchers who rely on digital trends.
  • There are multiple ways through which people get benefits from digital technology i.e. cost reduction, time saving etc.
  • When a salesperson eventually is invited to the table, buyers will have already formed a strong opinion about many aspects of the value expected from a vendor.
  • As in business to business markets, the first impression creates a huge impact. But nowadays the first look comes through websites, user forums and sales pitches.
These digital trends changed the habits of old buyers and they are making their way to becoming more tech-savvy in business to business purchasing.
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