Sunfeast goes the Superhero way with its revamped ‘YiPPee ATTA noodles’

  • Sunfeast’s YiPPee ATTA Noodles is reconceptualised by WOW Design.
  • YiPPee, the 2nd most preferred ready-to-cook brand is accepted by audiences since years.
  • For more health conscious customers ITC has decided to launch variant fused with vegetables.
  • WOW Design conducted a detailed research to bring a new look in the market.
  • With the findings it is decided to launch ‘power packed’ ATTA Noodles.
  • For package designing, YiPPee’s mascot, Sunny was transformed into Superhero. The Superhero depicts energy and colours like green and yellow are used to add fun and feel to the product.
  • Kid’s fantasy of superpowers and mothers’ concern for good health is the basic motto behind creating this design.


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