Social media and creation of ‘individual’ brands

  • In today’s age of personal branding through social media, are we all brands? As individuals, yes, we are.
  • Social media profiles are creating expectations about individuals pretty much the way advertising does for a brand by propelling the idea of ‘you’ as a brand by creating the concept of ‘broadcasting of self’.
  • Think of yourself as a brand & your Facebook, Twitter timelines, WhatsApp groups as 24×7 media channels that are broadcasting your ads.
  • We are not talking one-on-one but, broadcasting to many people at the same time in similar way brands speak to their audiences.
  • People are watching us, judging us & forming an impression of us & that impression is the brand ‘you’.
  • Your views, your fitness regimes, your holiday destinations, your selfies with people you are hanging out with, your weekend party plans – all these are your ads creating that brand in people’s minds called ‘you’.
  • Brands also have to do with ‘selling’ & we as individuals are often selling ourselves to people who we want to impress friends & partners to employers & society at large.
  • Actor Akshay Kumar is seen posting videos professing his views on social issues & his love for India, on his Facebook page while Virender Sehwag is also seen positioning himself through his brand of humour via his tweets, trying to shape a ‘personal’ brand of a certain kind.



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