Role of offline and online platforms in building a brand

The reach of the internet is enormous and technology has changed the way of marketing. It has re-invented the branding strategies and has led growth to the new way of marketing which is easy, convenient, price-effective and result-oriented in its own way.

Here are a few practices when implemented offline and online, complement each other in building a brand:


  • Creating a URL of the online store with print media like business cards, brochures, and flyers and run with the same at events, conferences, and shows.
  • Using the website URL in social media campaigns and increase traffic to a particular landing page made specifically for the online and offline campaigns.
  • Tracking the performance of the marketing campaign and analysing how many people have dropped by landing page and determining whether the campaign was a success or not.
  • A good presence of overall online and offline platforms creates brand clarity and sends a powerful message to the end customers.
  • Collaboration with social-media influencers and bloggers gives an extra edge in creating a brand image.
  • Using QR codes correctly can drive lots of people to the website. It has to be used in the right place. QR code should be used creatively as a part of the overall design and redirecting users to exclusive content.
  • Trouble-free order-processing, transaction-system, customer-service in offline stores that work simultaneously in providing customer satisfaction resulting in growing the brand.
  • Promoting offline events using social media and creating a mailing list of visitors to bring them down the sales funnel. It will be more effective if the seminar is pulled off without a hitch.


By blending online campaigns into offline marketing, the company can make a more peculiar impact on its audience. By this, the company can increase the chances of converting them into clients which results in building of a successful brand.



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