Re 1 candy Pulse hits Rs 300 cr Sales in 2 years, MNCs feel the heat

  • Upstart Indian brands beating marquee MNC brands is not new, but this one takes the ‘candy’. Pulse, a candy launched by DS Group in mid-2015 touched Rs 300 crore in sales last month.
  • In this process, it beat MNC blue chip brands such as Oreo and Mars bars. Oreo was launched in 2011 and achieved Rs 283 crore in sales meanwhile Mars bars launched in the same year could muster only Rs 270 crore.
  • Pulse looks like a sweet success compared to other brands as well. Coca-Cola’s Coke Zero, launched in 2014 has a sales figure of Rs 120 crore
  • Pulse’s sales look more interesting if you consider the stiff competition in the market. The existing brands it competes with are Parle’s Mango Bite, Perfetti Van Melle’s Alpenliebe and some other local brands.
  • Parle and Perfetti are well established brands for over a decade and Pulse raced to 3rd position in just over 2 years.
  • Owing to the success of Pulse, DS Group will start to sell Pulse in US, UK and Singapore and even consider patenting its formulation. This shows that home-grown taste always finds acceptance faster if launched in new forms.


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