Patanjali ordered to stop airing chyawanprash ads after Dabur complains

Baba Ramdev’s dream accomplishment – Patanjali Ayurved Ltd has been ordered to stop airing advertisements to promote its brand of Chyawanprash, after its rival brand Dabur.
  • It all started when Patanjali posted an advertisement on social media wherein they indirectly targeted Dabur by posting a picture of its product with similar packaging, blurring the name and content.
  • The impugned advertisement was uploaded on Facebook page and on the YouTube channel of Patanjali.
  • Dabur also alleged that the advertisement caused an irreparable and incalculable loss under the head “illegal trade activity”
With this case against Dabur, Patanjali has taken a back leash and hopefully will come out with a different advertising concept without hurting the sentiments of other brands.

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