Mahindra group links talent diversity to business strategy

M&M believes that the workforce and the marketplace will become more diverse due to globalisation of corporations. It follows a multi-pronged approach to diversity. Besides gender, it promotes diversity with regard to the specially abled, race and religion, the socially disadvantaged and LGBT.
  • According to Mahindra and Mahindra, diversity would weave both business and social concerns and therefore, the need arises to link it closely to strategy and business performance. 
  • The group has a headcount of close to 2,30,000 with women forming 20 per cent of the total workforce. 
  • Mahindra made it mandatory that 50% of the candidates being brought for interview should be women but getting that 50 per cent itself is a difficulty.
  • M&M adopted new age technologies like artificial intelligence, internet of things, machine learning because these factors are impacting the overall talent landscape significantly. 
  • Moreover, changes in business models and product disruptions are also significantly altering the talent dynamics. 
  • Citing an example, Mahindra and Mahindra assembly lines now have “co-bots” — collaborative robots in a lot many numbers compared to five years ago.
The front end customer service is getting digitised very heavily. To deliver a highly digitised experience to the customer, there is a need to have those kinds of people. Similarly, product disruption like the electric vehicle is in the offing and these kinds of product disruption completely change the way M&M hires, the way they develop and the way they train people. 

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