Patanjali- Economic Independence

  • The first thing that catches your attention in the newspapers is the page long advertisements of Amazon and Flipkart offering humongous discounts. The other more glaring thing that our focus shift to is Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali advertisment.
  • Patanjali, spearheaded by Baba Ramdev, makes an over and direct claim to make in India “Economically Independent”.
  • The company is using “Patriotism” as a marketing strategy, likening rivals to British colonizers.
  • The multimedia campaign ran on radio and in print, it urges people to buy Patanjali products as they are made in India.
  • The print ad read, “Though we got political freedom 70 years back, economic freedom is still a dream. The way East India Company enslaved and looted us, multinational companies are still doing the same by selling soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, cream, powder and similar daily items at an exorbitant price”.
  • The campaign is running for long hours during prime time and being telecasted during all shows that are not foreign, vulgar and violent. Patanjali became the top advertiser in August 2016, with the release of the campaign; it was telecasted 21,923 times during the period.
  • The economic independence campaign of Baba Ramdev has created a lot of buzz which has made it a strong contender for market share in FMCG segment.


Contributed by: Ms. Suvena Marar [Policy and Process Head, Aditya Birla]

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