Newspapers will have major share of ad spend for three years

As per the latest edition of Zenith’s Advertising Expenditure Forecasts report, the ROI agency of the Publicist group, newspapers will continue to be the most dominated media segment for the next three years.
  • By 2020, newspapers will have Rs. 26,670 crore or 38.9% share of the total AdEx even as digital continues to grow at a fast rate.
  • It forecasts 20.4% growth in Internet advertising in India in 2018, compared to 8.4% growth for the market as a whole. By 2020, internet will account for 15.4% of total adspend in India at Rs. 11,339 crore.
  • India has seen some fluidity in the overall AdEx but remains one of the fastest growing markets globally. With the immediate effects of demonetisation and GST wearing off, there’s an expected recovery in ad spends as consumer confidence is on the rise.
  • In 2018, mobile handsets, FMCG, automobiles, BFSI, travel & tourism and political ads will drive up the pace of ad spends.
Overall, the report has forecast a growth rate of 9% for television, 5% for newspapers, 10% for radio, and 5% for cinema and out-of-home each. Between 2017 and 2020, Zenith forecasts global advertising expenditure to increase by $72 billion in total.

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