Lamborghini races after new customers with first SUV

Lamborghini the Volkswagen owned Italian brand and manufacturer of luxury supercars is trying to access new market with its own SUV called as URUS which links to the brands bovine branding.
  • Urus will be delivered next year with as price tag of $202,903, excluding taxes.
  • It is expected that the SUV growth will increase by 34.34 million units by 2020 and Urus is looking to grab a share of a fastest growing market.
  • Urus will come with featured driving mode that will give it capabilities in off- tarmac situation such as snow and sand.
Urus is accepting a sales peaking at around 2900 units in 2019 and 2020 and is also looking to bring a hybrid version of Urus by 2020 and is going to give a competition to other luxury SUV’s available.

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