Nestle India is upping its innovation game to gain leadership

  • Nestle India is getting back on track order, slowly and steadily to ensure 2017 is the year of Nestle. Maggi noodles, whose reputation took a huge hit in 2015, but now it has captured back 60% of the market share.
  • What the ban did was, it gave brands like Wai Wai and Top Ramen to grow their market share. The main struggle for Maggi is to regain the lost brand trust and not sales.
  • Nestle is eyeing food technology to target the niche segment of tech-savvy consumers, with partnerships with Indian start-ups. Nestle’s projects in the USA include making alternatives to PET bottles.
  • Maggi is finding ways to become relevant again. Earlier Maggi’s challenge was to come into a kitchen as a food item. Grocery buying is going through down and there’s an increased awareness about the health.
  • Maggi is connecting back to its customer no only through the brand but also through their CSR activities like #EducateTheGirlChild. Maggi is trying out new things to recover the lost market share.
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