Marketing Strategy of Harley Davidson

The legacy of Harley Davidson began in the year 1903, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A when two young and exuberant minds of two friends William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson, started working on a project which was to overcome a hurdle of climbing hills on a cycle, in the nearby up hills. They planned to equip their cycle with a motorized engine to solve this situation and utilized a garage space in the house of Mr Davidson, where the very first engine with a capacity of 116 cc was developed and fit into a cycle.
What started as a mere experiment went on to become one of the most iconic brands in motorcycle industry, which is sought after by people across age groups and borders alike, and has created a niche for itself, by providing out of the box designs and latest technology, constantly changing with times, and in fact remaining abreast sometimes.
  • Trademark of Harley Davidson are its design, which is customized as per the biker and there are so many unique bike designs.
  • These bikes are considered as “mean machines” that inspire awe and enchant millions with uniquely benchmarked shapes and designing. Harley Davidson is the icon in terms of highway cruising bikes.
  • Harley uses psychographic segmentation to cater to the changing needs of consumers, primarily because it is a lifestyle brand. You choose a Harley over others because you love to ride and you love buying premium motorcycles.
  • Rather than going out and out in terms of promotion, it has carried out its campaigns in a very subtle manner by sensibly placing Harley bikes and displaying their muscle and glorifying them in movies and television series.
  • It has promoted rallies, bike ride tours, cross country marathon for Harley Davidson owners and introducing HOG (Harley-Davidson Owner’s Groups) culture, which has enticed new customers, and promoted loyalty among current owners.
Harley Davidson over the year stands for qualities such as strength, friendship, and enjoying the journey of life. Harley encourages its customers to take to the road, and drive the bike to the fill of their heart. With such brand elements, it is hard not to become and remain a top brand in the market even with the threats.
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