OK Play India launches 8 e-vehicles under brand E-Raaja

  • OK Play India, the plastic auto components maker, launched 8e-vehicles.
  • The launch includes passenger & commercial vehicles under brandE-Raaja priced between Rs 1.25-1.5 lakh. 
  • The company also showcased 6 e-two wheelers, scheduled for launch in the market post government approval.
  • The E-Raaja vehicles are 100% indigenously designed and developed.
  • The products launched by OK Play India includee-rickshawse-vending cartse-mobile shopse-loaderse-garbage collectors, e-school buses, e-scooters & are in line with government’s vision of a 100 % E-mobility by 2030.
Source : http://bit.ly/2nHmWHH



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