Key Takeaway:

  • What is social media influencing and how it impacts the travel and tourism industry
  • Rising of destination not only to be popular but also instragrammable with different experience
  • With huge scope in travel industry; hotels, as well as airlines contact the influencers for publicity among their audience

The world is changing very rapidly, every year we see a new trend which drastically impacts the market, consumers are increasingly becoming aware and vocal about what they want which can be reflected in a way in which they take decisions. The same can be seen in the travel industry, in the last few years social media influencers have influenced a lot of travel decisions taken by consumers and they are reshaping the travel and tourism sector as we speak.

As we all know that visual appeal works way more than any blog, social media influencers have understood this and they show their audiences what they want to see. More than visiting the place, the audience is more excited about going to a similar destination visited by their favorite social media influencers and click similar sorts of pictures.
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How does this process work?

These social media influencers click their pictures with the help of readily available filters that make these pictures look more appealing and aesthetic. By doing this the picture looks more visually captivating and hence it makes no difference whether you are in Sri Lanka or the Maldives. This leads us to a feeling of imitation between social media influencers and their followers which can be seen quite evidently. These followers do not want to travel differently but just want to come close to what the influencers have posted and hence visits the same places. These influencers click photos in the most photogenic places and promote the top traveled place with the help of the same. They discover every hidden nook and corner of a particular destination that is picture friendly and posting the same on social media encourages their followers to do the same.

Followers of these influencers don’t just want to come close, but also want to become like them. This can be done by using similar products, visiting similar places, and also using similar filters for the photos. Influencer marketing encourages the behavior of imitation. The audience looks forward to being like their idols. Social media influencers say “travel like us, maybe we can meet at a certain place!” and this is exactly what travel partners such as airlines and hotels expect from these influencers.

For example, the concept of “room tour” is getting increasingly popular among influencers and their audiences. The influencers show the rooms they are residing; in which also documents their experiences of luxury, comfort, and hospitality provided by these hotels. This in turn encourages and appeals to their audiences and they want to get similar experiences by visiting such fancy hotels. For more information on influencer marketing click here 

What do you mean by “INSTAGRAMMABLE places”?

We all agree to the fact that in recent years Instagram has become one of the most powerful social media tools for a travel influencer. In the same context the word instagrammable or Insta friendly has become increasingly popular, but what does this word even mean? To start, a picture is instagrammable when it works on Instagram and that picture gets a lot of likes, comments and also gets few more followers for the influencer. Certain hotels have special areas created just for clicking pictures or the influencers discover these places on their own. It is not just about finding the most interesting places; the point is the photo must have the potential to be successful and viral on Instagram. So it is not merely about encountering something new or experiencing something unique.

Popular destinations among influencers:

Now a day’s influencers love destinations that are luxurious and offer opportunities to explore wildlife and sporty adventures like sky diving, scuba diving, snorkelling, unlike old times like visiting places majorly for their cultural and historical significance. People want to visit places that are presented well and also where one can present themselves well, hence places like Dubai, Thailand, Singapore have become increasingly popular among influencers and travelers alike.

Talking about how influencers have to lead to an increase in the bookings and demand for business class flight tickets, it can be attributed to influencers showcasing how luxurious travel can be which leads to a desire in their audiences to travel in the same and lead a similar lifestyle. This has lead to an increase in the revenue of these airline companies and also led to a shift in the way they promote their business and services. Many airlines like Emirates, Lufthansa, and Air India promote international travel and have also increased their Business class seating capacity due to an increase in the demand for the same.

There has been a shift in the marketing and promotional activities undertaken by the hotels, products, etc. The emergence of social media has forced them to be active on these social media platforms and promote themselves as a big chunk as their target audience are present on these social media platform. We see a lot of companies do a promotional post with influencers where they invite these influencers to come and stay with them for a few days and they also make sure that the influencer’s accommodation, travel, and food expenses are covered by the companies. All that an influencer needs to do is post stories and Instagram posts by tagging the company and using hashtags which leads to an increase in awareness about the company as the followers of these influencers get to experience the superior quality of services provided by these companies and instils a desire to visit the same. This benefits the company in two ways that are firstly an increase in the social media presence of the company and secondly the rise in footfall of the consumers leading to higher profits.

Let us talk about few examples where influencers have led to a great impact on business operations of the destinations, hotels, and airlines.      

  • A few months ago a very famous YouTube vlogger is known as flying beast aka Gaurav Taneja traveled to Jaipur where he resided in a luxury hotel named Fairmont Properties, since the last few years Fairmont has invited a lot of influential people and has offered them stay in their hotel which has led to an increase in footfall of other guests who wish to live like kings of Jaipur as the hotel is built on the palace.
  • Taneja along with his family was offered the king suite. The vlogger documented his entire stay from the very first day which included the grand welcome with traditional instrumental music and tikka ceremony. He also captured and shot in every nook and corner of the property which also helped the viewers understand how gigantic the property is. He shot his stay in a set of three to four videos which effectively captured the various kinds of amenities provided by the hotel.
  • The videos on an average got around two million views per video, which makes it a total of eight million views for the entire series. This shows a massive impact that only one YouTuber could make by documenting his stay. This led to a positive impact on Fairmont Properties sales figures as well as its awareness.
  • One of the most popular examples of a destination that has benefited from these influencers and YouTubers is the Union Territory of Leh and Ladakh. Since the last few years, Ladakh has been one of the most hyped and documented locations among the influencers and YouTube community. Most of this hype can be attributed to difficult terrain, the highest motorable road, the highest post office, Pangong Lake where the most iconic movie 3 idiots were shot, and also due to the picturesque beauty of Leh and Ladakh.
  • The last five years have very positively contributed to the development of Leh and Ladakh as a large number of tourists and influencers has forced the government to invest money in developing the Union Territory. This has not only improved the roads but also the connectivity to other states, even celebrities finds this destination fascinating and visits it regularly.
  • The recently constructed Atal tunnel has improved the connectivity to Jammu and Kashmir and reduced the traveling time significantly. Most bikers who love off-roading visit these places on their superbikes; the example includes Js films, Mumbiker Nikhil, and also one of the Bollywood’s renowned personalities who is also a petrol head Kunal Kemmu.
  • Talking about the impact of such influencers a lot of hotels have come up recently and the level of quality of hotels and the hospitality they offer has increased. Even the telecommunication services have improved. The local government has realized the potential these places have and are trying to improve the place so that more tourists visit these places regularly. So this has not only affected economically but has also led to a positive change when it comes to local lifestyle and development.
  • The worth of the Indian travel industry is 71.53 billion US$. Social media has changed the procedure of selecting visitor goals. There are huge numbers of social media clients in India as web entrance and information speed develop at a quick rate. There are parts of potential sightseers who search online travel data.
  • The social media influencers promote different goals through utilizing productive showcasing instruments. The discernment of travel products makes the intellect of potential clients. The social media stages are utilized by travelers to search plan and share travel stories through blogs and visuals.
  • Social media influencers play an important part in making mindfulness approximately a specific goal. A single social media post by an influencer can lead to exponential deals. There are three components of social media communications such as client produced substance, firm-produced substance, and social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram are the most preferred social media platforms among the influencers and users.
  • Because of social media influencers, traveler’s behavior is changing at a rapid pace. The hospitality business may use social media to better identify client demands and provide information to them. India’s tourism business is experimenting with innovative approaches to entice potential visitors.
  • Tourism demand and supply are heavily influenced by social media. Potential tourists communicate directly with travelers who have visited the region and have firsthand knowledge of the area. Visitors engage with one another at a cheap cost, and social media networks reach a better level of efficiency.
  • As social media is overloaded with information, influencers play an important role in attracting potential clients. Through word of mouth, social media helps to raise brand awareness among customers. In the tourism industry, social media influencers are employed to generate global publicity.
  • By viewing the influencer postings, visitors are inspired to plan their journey. Posting visuals of the destination enhances the destination’s image. The social media influencer is attempting to tap into a niche demographic of young travelers. As the number of visitors grows, so will the number of social media influencers.

The article clearly explains to us the mass impact of social media Influencers on the current travel industry and also consumer behavior. Travel influencers help in taking the customers from the consideration stage to the conversation stage which is very important in today’s travel and tourism industry. Hence following trends and continuing to improve and innovate in social media is what is required from the industry. The developing nearness of social media influencers is progressively balancing customer conduct within the travel industry. Believe may be a crucially critical point in influencer and tourism promoting and is mindful for making and keeping up fruitful long-term connections between organizations and buyers. To effectively impact the choice-making process, travel influencers must hold a dependable and conscious relationship with their group of onlookers to reinforce the ties between themselves and their followers. Also by providing various offers in regards to a particular influencer, will encourage the audience to visit that place. In today’s evolving marketing landscape, influencer marketing is a viable option to consider. Influencers have a captive audience and can give your company the boost it requires.

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