The Simple Unique Value Proposition That Wins Customers

Key Takeaways:

  • How with Unique Value Proposition helps their target customer to look for their product or services and attracts them to buy that product and let the customer benefit from their product
  • If the customer purchases your product or services how they would benefit from buying their product
  • How companies show their different types of Unique Value Proposition to their products and how would it solve their target customer problems
  • At last, talking with a few examples that what are key UVP of their product or service

Have you ever thought while watching big streaming of apple product launch? when they are presenting their product and they just do not give any fancy ads but only the people from apple just describing the product and think that they are not an actor or a salesperson, but they are technical people from the company who just made up our mind to buy the product. So, at that, they make sure we have enough information to buy that product, at that time they use a very different marketing concept which is called UVP, Unique Value Proposition. To know more about different types of Propositions click here 

Have you ever thought about why do they go for a Unique Value Proposition? And after that brings them to do that?  Well, they could adapt the different type of techniques, but they have formed their image of bringing the product to their target markets which make their target customers buy their products. To know more about different types of Propositions click here 

Unique value Proposition is something which tells how their customer benefits or features they could offer to their potential customers and how the customer will benefit from their offerings like for example taking about apple when they launched their new phone segment iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, they offer an exclusive range of the camera in their phone with their tagline “oh so pro”, they have claimed that their product has an amazing camera on that phone that even you can make movies on that phone and nowadays most of the vloggers use iPhone to make their blogs and it brings video quality as same as a professional camera, so in this Apple, with Unique Value Proposition is providing as such type of camera with more customers benefits wherewith other competitors cannot provide. It just does not give features to them but gives them the benefit of using that product as an example of the apple of using an iPhone is that you can use the phone as a Camera for shooting your videos as it can be used with a professional capacity. At last, we can say in short with Unique Value Proposition can be said that:

Unique: Where the brand should be creative, what no one else can do and you can do far better than competitors

Value: How much customers can gain value from using your Product/ Service

Proposition: What type of specific product or service you are providing to your consumers.  

Ever thought of why Brands needs to build a UVP? Well, they build their Unique Value Proposition because Unique Value Proposition helps their target potential customers to come and visit their website or store where they will come and see the product which they are looking for, they need to make a differentiation between their product and the competitors’ products, if they cannot differentiate with the competitors the customer won’t even consider to buy the product/service from your brand so if they can differentiate and the products match with the customer needs, they will start having thoughts for buying the product/service. Mostly if the customer could connect with you UVP they will far be likely to pick your product over the competitors. Unique Value Proposition helps the brand to showcase their special offering to customers benefit through advertising the product some features which will attract the customer more. It overall helps the brand to understand how their product position in the market and differentiate from the other brands providing the same product or service

After talking about what is a unique value proposition, do you know why customers prefer the products/services of the company who use Unique Value Proposition as their method, well because as there can be many reasons why customers buy this product it can be because:

  • The products/services of the brands which provide some feature customer benefits or value its customer with their UVP how they would provide value to the customer if they purchase the product /service they will benefit from it like music streaming app called Spotify has their tag line “Music for every mood” as they have classified music playlist according to mood the user is currently in if they are in chill/workout/romance and so on they have playlist according to that so here their UVP provides their customer easy experience for listening music according to their moods
  • Sometimes the brands project their products in as such form where they say you can save your time if you can use them, this if you use their product/service they will be able to save time and have an easy process for i.e., Uber has their tagline “Badhte Chalein” and Ola has “Chalo Niklo” in this their message is the keep moving forward and don’t waste time, so here UVP is that to save the time of their customers
  • Some brand or companies use their UVP to let their target customer know about if they use their product/service it will help them to reduce risk in their life, for example like insurance companies, how LIC says “Zindagi Ke Sath Bhi, Zindagi ke baad Bhi here they tell us about how they cover you from all the risk while you are there and when you are not. Here also another search engine website named DuckDuckGo shows their UVP in their tag line is “This Search Engine doesn’t track you” they say that if you use their search engine no one will be able to track you as they give you privacy as you need.
  • Some brands provide their UVP as they give Unique pleasure if the customer uses their product/service, for example now in the online era most of meetings/classes/lecturers are done through online video calling applications, here zoom has shown their UVP to their customers through their tagline is that “Zoom is for you’ where they say will give provide Excellent sharing options, Flawless Videos and Clear audio through you zoom video call. Where users will use this service as it gives them the flawless experience of online video Conferencing

We have talked about what is UVP, now let us understand that how is it important how does it works how different brands use it but talking about the next things how the UVP is formed well there are three stages before building a UVP that are

  • Who is your Target Customer, talking about this the brand sets ups their target customers, like for Uber their target customer will the people who are working-class using their service for transportation from one place to another, they know that their target customer will still use their service as by using uber it will help them to solve problems like Parking, fuel costs, and a driver to take you to a different place?
  • Another stage while making a UVP is that what problem you will solve while making your product/service, in the example above of the uber they solve the major problem as the customer doesn’t have to take their car out for daily for commute and the problem of parking problems in the major big cities are huge buy using Uber it will help them to save time while traveling
  • After the brand has solved the problem of the customer they have made their UVP which will set them apart from other competitors where how their product or service will their consumer more benefit than the competitors, here in the example of Uber, it sets them apart as they give Uber in most of the different segments where you can use Uber Green, Uber Rent, Uber reserve, UberX, Uber Saver, Uber Hourly, Uber Pool, Uber Taxi and Uber Intercity which give the user lot of options for travel and let them have a hassle-free experience, moreover if have linked your uber account with your card this helps the customers to do a fast payment experience with uber and save a lot of time while ending the uber ride.

After we have talked about that what Unique value proposition is, how companies are using and what are the stages of which the companies use unique value proposition, now after we have understood now look at a few examples of how different companies are specifically using this type of proposition for their products now look at following examples to understand more clearly how they use their Unique Value Proposition,

1. Uber:

Now we have understood what UVP is, in this example the tag line of Uber is “Everyone’s Private Driver” where they show their uniqueness when they say where each customer can have a taxi to themselves for traveling from one place to another when uber was introduced there were very less online cab services available in the market after uber was introduced in the market they made booking a cab online a very hassle-free experience, customer can book a can now in just 1 minute by using their services, so their UVP was to solve how many customers spend time on using for booking a cab to a very minimal time.

2. Zoom:

After this pandemic, how everything from offline to online changed, how meetings/classes/conferences started happening in this online video call apps, in this zoom took that period a chance of opportunity and they made most of it, they made one their UVP which was to solve customers’ problem of a live video conference where there were many problems like lag, not clear audio, video problems. So, they made such a platform where they solved most of their target customer problem by bringing a platform to use this app for their Office, School, Colleges to have a hassle-free experience while working in this Online Mode. They have a tagline where they say “Delivering happiness” whereas above we have discussed how they have solved many problems which occur in this live online world and happiness comes to your face while using their application.

3. Grammarly:

Now talking about another example of UVP, Grammarly is a bit new company in the market, but how they have a customer base in this pandemic is impressive. So talking about Grammarly, after the pandemic how everything has changed to online education or work from home people started to use more to use the online method to write emails, articles, answers, etc. so Grammarly helps to correct whatever content you have written in your document, so here Unique Value Proposition is that of Grammarly is that it helps to write easily our content without worrying less which is their tagline that is “Better Writing Made easy’  about the grammar mistakes while writing your content.

4. Apple:

We all know what this company is about, how they make their products very different from their competitors, Here the tagline of Apple which is “Think Different” tells us about how different their product in the market is, their Unique value Proposition is that to provide something to their customer what they have never experienced it before. So here in September 2021 when Apple has lanced their new series of the phone which was iPhone 13 Pro, where their phone tag line was Oh So pro here, they tell the customer that how their camera, its processors, integrated chip in the system helps their customer to experience something they have never felt it before.

5. Airbnb

One of the biggest concerns of Travelling is which place to stay, if the customer finds a place they check if it is hygienic, safe, or pocket friendly or not. Here in Airbnb, they have shown their Unique Value Proposition where they give their customers an experience of the local culture of the place by offering the home of the residents of that place at affordable prices. They helped and changed how the customer travel in an entirely new way. They provide homes to a customer where they can enjoy and feel the local culture of the place.


After talking about so much about the Unique Value Proposition, how it has helped both the customers and sellers how they would match the customer needs directly to their product which they would be looking for. Here Unique Value Proposition has also helped to bring their target customer to look for their product or service when they are not interested to buy, but if they even start looking at the product, they might have some chances of buying that product or service.

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Content Writer

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