Government of India’s new ad blitz aims to spread awareness about GST

  • The Centre and state governments were on a media blitz to create awareness about the new tax regime.
  • The government came out with full-page advertisement in leading dailies explaining various procedures to be followed by industry for complying with the GST rules and to create consumer awareness, CBEC since the beginning of this month was giving pictorial representations of items along with the tax rates.
  • The CBEC website too had been tweaked to include on the homepage a new GST section that has information on various government notifications.
  • The government roped in Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachan as brand ambassador to promote GST and inform people about its benefits.
  • The government also used television and radio commercials for outlining the benefits of GST.
  • Two Twitter handles — ‘@askGST_GoI’ to answer industry queries related to the new indirect tax regime and ‘@askGSTTech’ for queries relating to technology — had been set up to reach out to people via social media.
  • For importers and exporters specifically, the CBEC and commercial state tax departments had jointly come out with a detailed advertisement on Integrated GST, compensation cess, bill of entry, shipping bill and courier forms for facilitating faster customs clearance.


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