Is it still luxury if it is online?

  • An e-commerce site, offering the best in terms of online shopping, from priciest labels to tips from experts, recently shut down.
  • Analysts opined that it was less about the fact that it was online and more about the lack of some elites like Louis Vuitton, not choosing to resort to it.
  • Some customers prefer luxury shopping the old-fashioned way, and likewise some luxury brands do not resort to online portals for the world to summon their panache at its doorstep.
  • For e.g. LV displays its plethora of products for us to happily devour with our eyes, but for making a purchase one needs to call for further enquiry.
  • Logically, your age and bank balance dictates your preferred mode of shopping.
  • For someone who has recently got a raise and is exhausted slogging all those hours at the office, online shopping is nothing short of a boon.


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