Botoxed’ to perfection: Even male executives wanna look young now 

  • “My friends are looking jawan. Mujhe bhi jawan banaa do” is the demand of men these days.
  • An increasingly youth-obsessed culture, even in the workplace, is driving more and more corporate professionals — a large chunk of them men — to jump on the Botox bandwagon.   
  • Nobody today wants to say they are 50-plus; in their minds, they are still in their 30s. Older employees start getting insecure when they see younger men coming up, and focus on their looks to match up to their younger colleagues. They want to feel younger and match wavelengths with the millennial.
  • The trend is an extension of the general leaning toward fitness and looking younger at a time when the workplace is going through rapid transformation.
  • Treatments are now being scheduled around important presentations, annual general meetings (AGMs), board meetings and even company off-sites. 
  • Where traditionally most male clients were from the modelling, film and entertainment world, now nearly 40% comprise top executives in banking, advertising and marketing, aviation and consulting. 
  • The maximum demand from this segment comes from Delhi and Mumbai though smaller cities like Guwahati, Ludhiana and Jalandhar are catching up fast.
  • Word of mouth helps a fair bit. Then there are dermatologists conducting awareness exercises as well as focused digital marketing initiatives targeting corporate executives.


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