Get ready for PepsiCo’s ‘premium’ version of Aquafina with vitamins, flavours

PepsiCo’s is taking its packaged water brand Aquafina, premium in flavours and fortified with nutrients.
  • Limited options in the drinking waterspace made Aquafina come up with new flavours as a part of their portfolio transformation exercise.
  • The new range of Aquafina flavours is providing zero-calorie hydration options for teen consumers and giving parents a great taste and healthy drink for their families.
  • For the consumers, it is a transformation from plain water to a flavourful experience.
  • The new product called Aquafina Vitamin splash is priced the lowest as compared to the other products in the domestic market.
  • In this intensely competitive market of packaged drinking water, Aquafina is competing with ‘Bisleri’ and ‘Kinley’.
  • Today consumer preferences for functional beverages are evolving rapidlyand Aquafina is coming up with different products to satisfy the consumer needs.
In future, Aquafina will be introducing more drinks with vitamins, flavours, and possibly even in the herbal space with products such as Ayurveda water.


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