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Five mind games to speak to the impulsive buyer in you -

Five mind games to speak to the impulsive buyer in you

Since the festive season is here it’s good to understand the meaning behind all the discounts and offers that are used. Here are the five most used methods to lure the impulsive buyer in you.
  1. Low -balling technique
This technique is basically where the marketer or seller uses two different sales pitch/offer to sell an item.  For eg: Original Pitch – How would you like to play with my pet dog for the whole day while I’m away?
Final Pitch – Before you play with him, you will have to feed him his food and get him to take his medicine. And if he gets sick you might have to take him to the vet.
  1. Door in the face technique
This states how you cannot say no to the same person twice
Request 1 – Can you watch my dog for the whole day?
Request 2 – Can you watch him for an hour while I go to the market?
  1. Discount pricing technique
This offers start with something like 50% off or mega sale offers like buy 2 and get one free. These offers are good for getting the customers inside the stores whether you as a customer will get the offer or not depends on end number of terms and conditions
  1. Ingratiation
The term ingratiation refers to behaviours that a person illicitly enacts to make others like him or her or think well of his or her qualities as a person.
  1. The scarcity technique
Here the customer is given an offer he wouldn’t be able to refuse but is given with a time period. Like discount of 20% till the end of a week or limited stock of a particular product.
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